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Steinway Pianos

Since 1853 Steinway pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty and investment value. Shenandoah’s Steinway Initiative requires that 90 percent of the conservatory’s piano fleet be comprised of Steinway-designed instruments. Twenty-seven of these are to be an assortment of handcrafted Steinway grand pianos strategically placed throughout the conservatory. Select pianos and their placement are described here.

Model B

This magnificent seven-foot grand piano is often described as “the perfect piano.” In terms of balance, beauty and power, it has no equal. The choice of top recording studios, it is also the piano many Steinway artists have in their homes. Wonderfully balanced and versatile, it performs extremely well in both intimate settings and mid-sized venues. It is the musical instrument that those who love the piano can’t wait to play. No matter where you want to go, this piano will get you there.

Performance and Recording Venues:

Goodson Recital Hall is the setting for hundreds of recitals and student performances each year. The addition of a Steinway grand piano in this key recital space holds tremendous impact for our student community. The Model B, with its blend of power and delicacy, is a perfect match for its intimate setting.

The recording studio in Ruebush Hall is extensively used by both students and faculty as they work to craft recordings that best represent and support them in their educational and professional development. The provision of a Steinway grand piano in this heavily used and premier space provides students and faculty with a truly exceptional level of support.

Teaching and Practice Venues:

PIANO FACULTY TEACHING STUDIOS (one funded and three remaining to be purchased)
The studios of John O’Conor (Shenandoah’s Distinguished Piano Artist-in-Residence) and long- time piano faculty members Elizabeth Temple, Elizabeth Caluda and Karen Walker--and their students--will benefit from some of the finest pianos in the world.

Each full-time piano teaching studio will include two paired Model B Steinways to support the detailed work that distinguished professors and piano students utilize in the learning process as they perform, one alongside the other. It is especially critical that these pianos be truly sensitive instruments that can respond with the absolute finesse required for this level of nuanced playing.

PREMIERE PIANO PRACTICE ROOMS (two funded and four remaining to be purchased)
Steinway Model B grand pianos will reside in the six piano practice rooms, which will be kept locked and carefully maintained. The provision of these exceptional instruments will enable the Conservatory and University to provide our national and international-caliber students with daily access to instruments that fully support their musical needs.

Model A

At 6 feet 2 inches, this amazing piano sounds like a much larger model. The powerful yet warm sound is the result of an amazing scale design that allows the solid spruce soundboard to freely and efficiently vibrate, producing a sound that simply cannot be experienced in any piano other than a Steinway. Its slightly longer keys give the player a sense of heightened sensitivity and control. The size of this piano is large enough to satisfy those who demand a full, rich bass — yet small enough to beautifully fit into almost any studio.

Model O

This 5-foot-10 ¾-inch piano has been a source of joy and inspiration since the very early 1900s, and continues to be so today. Its sound is particularly warm and rich, far beyond what one would expect for a piano that is under six feet in length. Its action offers the sensitivity and control that has made Steinway famous. No matter what you ask of this piano, it has an answer ready.

Teaching and Practice Venues:

Full-Time Instrumental Faculty Offices (four)
Living Room Grand (Steinway Model O)
This 5-foot-10 ¾-inch grand piano will be located in the studios of four of our full-time instrumental faculty. This piano’s sound is particularly warm and rich – far beyond what one would expect from a grand piano that is under 6 feet in length.