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iMLearning and You

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Shenandoah University's new environmentally friendly integrated mobile learning program, iMLearning, provides students and faculty with the tools to enhance student learning and engagement. Additionally, the program delivers on the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and campus sustainability by putting the highly rated and environmentally friendly MacBook Pro into the hands of all incoming first-year, full-time students, some graduate students, and a portion of the full-time faculty. In addition to the MacBook Pro, students are offered their choice of either an iPodTouch , iPad 3G or an iPhone.

In a survey by Consumer Reports earlier this year, Apple was rated ahead of all other computer manufacturers in terms of customer support. Apple consistently scored high 80's in nearly all categories. In fact, Apple outscored its competitors --for example, Dell and Lenovo -- by greater than 36 percent over all.

The iMLearning program allows the institution to offer unique technology programs that enhance classroom management and student engagement.

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