My fundamental teaching philosophy is to help students develop a well-rounded knowledge base that will foster a life-long love of learning. I believe that a certain understanding and exposure to classic literature and science, as well as practice in writing and thoughtful discourse are basic to obtaining a college education. It is also important that students begin to feel that they are part of a larger community so that they are open to new ideas and aware of cultural and global issues. My philosophy guides me to help increase creativity and promote students to seek out knowledge and apply critical thinking when contemplating issues. I feel that part of my role as a teacher is to ensure that graduates from college know how to make informed choices and become active participants in a free society.


B.A., Texas Tech University; M.M.E., The University of Kansas; Ph.D., The Florida State University

Professional Highlights

  • Appointed to the Examination Committee for the Certification Board of Music Therapists (2013- 2015).
  • Elected as World Commissioner of Clinical Practice for the World Federation of Music Therapy (2014-2017).

Daniel Tague

Director of Music Therapy; Assistant Professor, Music Therapy
Conservatory Academics Division

RUE 218

Faculty Member since 2012